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From the Sustainable Homes website there also links to other useful environmental sites. The water industry is about to face one of it’s biggest changes since the 1920’s. The Water Bye-laws are also likely to be in force this year (but there are some problems with detail).

What is particularly important about them both is that they will have a significant impact on the design and management of all forms of housing. Their sponsorship will ensure that the website will be kept running and well maintained for the next 2 years. Thanks also to Servite Houses and Hyde Housing Association for their contributions to the project. This house will be part of the monitoring programme to see whether the gas convector heaters meet the expectations of comfort levels and economy. Web Design

Please e-mail us with any comments and suggestions, for example other sites that we should link up with, maybe even your own organisation’s website. A group which has spent many years campaigning to have their grey, run-down, deck access maisonettes redeveloped to provide decent homes, is not the most likely candidate to embrace a new technology. graphic design agency In addition to the green construction and low energy design, particular attention was given to water conservation.

The history of housing in the UK is littered with examples of innovation which failed to live up to expectations and became early candidates for regeneration. However CDS Liverpool, working with a group of local residents, have come up with housing which addresses many of the environmental issues which are a concern at the end of the 20th Century.

This utilises timber I beam sections in the structure, maximising the use of small dimension lumber and recycled sawmill waste to produce environmentally friendly components with low embodied energy. The I beams enable the houses to be designed with a clear span structure, ensuring that future alterations are relatively easy to carry out. The cellulose insulation results in a significant reduction in heat loss and the houses could have heated with the option of simple gas convectors.