How customers can identify the logo of branded company ?

Logo DesignOur websites are custom designed and built to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients and their customers.We work closely with our clients through each stage of the design process to ensure that the look and feel of their website is consistent with the overall objectives of their business.Bold Web Design’s eCommerce websites allow our clients to sell their goods and services online.Our easy to use eCommerce platforms enable our clients to effortlessly manage the sale of goods and/or services on the World Wide Web.Our Flash  Theming & integration   websites really do ‘come to life’ allowing our clients to display animation of text, drawings and still images.

We can build entire Flash websites, or embed Flash website components such as promotional banners, animated headers or photo galleries into static websites.At Bold Web Designs, we combine the latest in colour printing technology to deliver the very best possible printing solutions to our customers. Bold Web Design’s team of highly experienced graphic designers combine art with the latest technologies to design superb creative solutions for our clients.
Our team of graphic designers work closely with our clients to ensure that messages are visually for maximum impact. Bold Web Design’s creative mission is to ensure that each of our stand out from their competition.

In addition to building great websites, we also take care of your website and email hosting so that the whole managed for you!.With your website hosted on one of our dedicated servers, you can be confident that your website is in good hands. With over 99% uptime, 24 x 7 FTP access and unlimited support, why would you bother looking elsewhere?.

With your desired email addresses registered, we will host your email accounts on our dedicated servers which support POP3 and offer 24 x 7 support.All of our websites are developed via our extensive incorporating best-in-class website engineering and development techniques.

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