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Lori Schlarman, an attorney representing one of the subcontractors, was unaware that Erpenbeck had moved anything out of the home Thursday. She said the court order doesn’t bar him from moving things. But moving property to Florida will not protect it from bankruptcy seizure since it was already catalogued by the trustee, she said. Property valuation controls exploring full house to imagine that its deciphered cost in the stream zone field. Whether you are driving your property or not it is dependably a designating undertaking for you to handle your property’s expense. Since it will make you watchful with your current property’s expense.

Federal prosecutors have stated their intent to seize Erpenbeck’s Florida condo and his home in Crestview Hills. Nearly a dozen people are likely to face charges in the investigation of fallen homebuilder Bill Erpenbeck, as the probe enters its final stages. After eight months investigating wide-ranging bank fraud allegations involving what was once Greater Cincinnati’s third-largest homebuilder, the government has a 15-person list of suspects, according to sources familiar with the case.
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However, one government official said privately an estimate that 11 people will be charged “is in the ballpark.” The official cautioned that the exact number of those charged wouldn’t be determined until the investigation is finished, which is expected to happen within weeks. Property valuation structure is always useful for everyone and to make it other than influencing generally get a perceived and experienced property valuer to deal with your whole methodology of concerning property.

Sources say not to expect one large indictment naming many people. Instead, it’s more likely one or two will be indicted at a time; others are expected to make plea agreements, and others will be charged directly by federal prosecutors. Jim Turgal, FBI spokesman in Cincinnati, said he couldn’t comment on specifics of the investigation that the agency first confirmed in April. However, Turgal did confirm that “numerous” people are subjects of the investigation.

hile Bill Erpenbeck, former head of the Erpenbeck Co. homebuilding firm, is at the center, there are several others who have been publicly connected to the scandal:• Ex-bankers John Finnan and Marc Menne were both fired from Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky because of a side business they formed with their wives that conducted real estate transactions with Erpenbeck. Doubtlessly knowing your home estimation you will can settle on key choice about your property utilizing property valuation approach and after that on the off chance that you need to make your home more worth then you ought to lead overhaul structure to make you house basically baffling.

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Sigmon scored 18, all on three-pointers. ”We knew what we had to do,” Sigmon said. ”We knew Silver Grove had a good team, and if we didn’t make our shots it was going to be a long game.” Sigmon hit two three-pointers early in the third quarter to give the Camels a 44-38 lead. Silver Grove senior guard Chad McCarter hit successive three-pointers to tie the score at 44 with 4:30 left in the third.

Miller then drained two free throws, and Sigmon followed with another three-pointer to put Campbell County ahead, 49-44. After a Silver Grove turnover on the ensuing possession, junior forward Kevin Reinhardt hit a layup for a 51-44 lead with two minutes left in the third. Silver Grove drew no closer the rest of the game. Miller scored six points and connected on four of six free throws in the fourth quarter, and Reinhardt and senior forward Jordan Futscher each added five as the Camels refused to let the Big Trains back into the game.

”I just try to play my role as a point guard,” Miller said. ”Lately I’ve been scoring a little more, but my main objective is to dish out the ball and help us win.” McCarter almost single-handedly kept the score respectable for the Trains, scoring 18 of Silver Grove’s 30 second-half points. He finished with a game-high 34. ”He’s a good player,” Sigmon said. ”We knew he was going to get his points. We just wanted to key on the rest of the team and make sure they didn’t go on any runs.”

Campbell County led 15-7 early in the first quarter before Silver Grove went on an 11-3 run in the final two minutes. McCarter drilled a three-pointer from half court as the buzzer sounded to tie the score at 18.Our real estate property valuation lawyers or solicitors assist you in the whole process of buying or selling residential property at auctions. The two teams traded leads in the second quarter; with Campbell County taking a 38-35 lead into halftime. Reinhardt recovered from first-quarter foul trouble to score 18 points and provided an inside presence that Silver Grove’s front court couldn’t seem to handle.

Futscher ended with 15 points for the Camels. With the win, Campbell County secured a spot in the 10th Region Tournament. The Camels advanced to the region semifinals last year before falling to Mason County. Campbell County will play Bishop Brossart in the district final at 7 p.m. Friday at Campbell County. It was supposed to be a game that provided a grand send-off for the University of Kentucky’s lone senior, point guard Saul Smith, but it instead proved to be a game that provided a major step forward for UK’s four freshmen.

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Pilot John S. Blosnick’s severance proposal would urge the board to seek shareholder approval of future severance agreements with senior executives. He cited th golden

parachute former Delta CEO Ron Allen got when he left the airline in 1997 — which included a lump sum severance payment of $4.5 million, plus $85,515 in lieu ofmedical and dental benefits, an a nnual retirement payment of $765,000, an annual fee of $25,000 to serve as an advisory director, consulting fees of $500,000 a year for seven years, and, for 10 years, office space, a full-time secretary, a country club membership and dues for the Commerce Club of Atlanta.

The board believes the severance proposal would hurt executive recruiting. Pilot Michael H. Messmore’s proposal asks the board to make some portion of future stock options grants to senior executives to be ”performance based,” which he defines as indexed options, whose exercise price is linked to an industry index; premium-priced stock options, whose exercise price is above the market price on the grant date; or performance-vesting options, which vest when the stock price hits a certain target.

The board says its stock option grants are already appropriately linked to performance. Consolidated Fruit Corp. Ltd. raised its stake in Chiquita Brands International Inc., the banana grower, to 9.2 percent from 8 percent, a regulatory filing said. Our exclusive team of experts provides comprehensive commercial or residential property valuation services in sydney at very affordable rate. Panama City-based Consolidated Fruit, controlled by investor Samuel Navarro, recently bought 270,800 shares between Oct. 6 and Oct. 20 with prices ranging between $1.91 and $2.94 each, according to a Schedule 13D filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That includes a purchase on Oct. 20 of 170,800 shares at $1.91.

Navarro now controls about 6.1 million shares. He is the company’s third-largest shareholder behind American Financial Group Inc. and Carl Lindner. Lindner is chairman and chief executive for both Chiquita and American Financial. He also owns the Cincinnati Reds. Last week, Chiquita, one of the world’s top banana producers, said its third-quarter loss w indeed on the strong U.S. dollar compared with European currencies and higher fuel costs. Ied The Cincinnati-based company had a loss from operations of $51.9 million, compared with a los s from operations of $30.7 million a year earlier.

Shares of Chiquita were unchanged at $2 Monday. The stock has fallen about 58 percent so far this year. Convergys Corp. earnings rose 27 percent in the third quarter to $50.4 million on a 21 percent increase in revenues to $544.5 million, it said today.

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The brokerage rated Firstar a ”buy.”Valuation process is used to find out some disadvantages if property had and then you will try to improve that area.The Forum for Investor Advice , a mutual fund trade organization, has a free brochure, ”Keeping a Cool Head About Y2K,” that explains the talk about possible Year 2000 computer problems and offers suggestions to prepare for any disruptions.

The brochure is available at the group’s Internet site, Brothers has upgraded AK Steel Holding Corp. to a ”buy” rating from ”outperform” last week.The recent drop in price for the Middletown, Ohio, steelmaker has made the stock ”compellingly cheap” on the base of its price-to-earnings ratios and free cash flows.

Lehman kept its one-year target price at $35 per share, more than double AK’s recent price in the mid-teens.Patrick Larkin is a staff reporter for The Post. His column appears weekly.

DEAR BRUCE: I have $4,000 in an account earning 3 percent, and I have a pension plan at work. I know nothing about investing, but I feel that I should be doing something more with my money. Would you please suggest how to find CDs or other ways to invest? – S.G., Fort Thomas, Ky.

DEAR S.G.: I would suggest that you get yourself an education. Allowing money to sit around at 3 percent is foolish. You are shoveling money down a rat hole. While a savings account is good for the short term, using it as a parking place is not an investment.I would suggest that you spend some time at the library learning the language of investing and finding out what you can about CDs, mutual funds and the like. Then you would be in a better position to make a decision.

With the amount of money you have, you’ll be very hard pressed to find anyone to help you with that decision unless they are helping themselves. I would look at that advice very carefully.

DEAR BRUCE: I am in a company that matches 401(k) contributions dollar for dollar up to 4 percent. I earn $70,000 a year. I recently received a $6,000 raise, and I would like to put it into my retirement. Which would be the better deal: going into my company plan or going out and doing it myself, by putting it in a Roth IRA or some other area? – J.C., Ind.

DEAR J.C.: You would be better off contributing to your company plan as much as you are able, since this is a straight deductible item now. Who knows if you will need a tax shelter sometime later on? With money above that, you would be well advised to consider the Roth IRA.

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Bensenhaver noted that most offense reports are initially handwritten and police calls are ordinarily recorded on audio tape from dispatch centers. The department is required to search those records to respond to the request. Further, Bensenhaver said Elsmere police are required to notify the state Department of Libraries and Archives if its records were destroyed. Bensenhaver said no such notice had been given.

Henson, of 1939 Augustine Ave., Covington, has received a favorable ruling from the attorney general’s office in two other cases where Northern Kentucky police departments ignored his requests for public documents. Get real estate property valuers who are expert and highly talented in property valuation services and will do property inspections and prepare a property valuation report. The Fort Wright Police Department violated the state Open Records Law when it ignored Henson’s repeated request for crime reports, the attorney general’s office ruled in June 2001.

The Covington Police Department subverted the Open Records Law when it refused to mail public documents to Henson, the attorney general’s office ruled in October 2001. Saying he still doesn’t understand why he stabbed his estranged Hebron wife to death on a downtown Cincinnati street, Robin Dawson admitted his guilt Monday.

Dawson, 40, was immediately sentenced to prison for 15 years to life by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Steve Martin, who vowed he would do all he could to keep Dawson behind bars forever. “As long as I am a judge,” Martin told him, “I will be protesting strongly that you never be given clemency or probation or anything else.— You do have a certain right of appeal — unlike the person you killed.”

Cheryl Dawson, 37, of Hebron, sought protection several times from courts in Hamilton and Boone counties to keep her estranged — and violent — husband away from her and their children. Despite that, Dawson hunted her down March 25 and stabbed her to death as she walked from her job at a downtown Cincinnati insurance company to a Fourth Street parking garage just before 5 p.m.

“The Cheryl I loved died — long before the incidents,” Dawson said Monday, reading from a written statement. “I really don’t believe you are sorry for what you did to Cheryl,” her aunt, Bonita Gutter, told Dawson. “Why did you do it? You said you loved Cheryl.” “I did,” Dawson answered.

“Then why did you do it?” Gutter asked again. “I can’t explain it right now.” Dawson also couldn’t explain it to his attorneys, who negotiated the plea bargain that allowed him to have four other charges related to the murder thrown out in exchange for his guilty plea.