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Delegates who responded to the questionnaire were about equally divided on whether or not there should be an after-dinner speaker and whether the speaker should be a ‘heavyweight’ or ‘light and amusing’. Overall the majority of the delegates were very satisfied with the conference. The AGM agreed that the issues raised in the responses to the questionnaire should be taken into account in planning the next conference. The AGM for 2001 will be combined with the next conference and held at Scarman House, Warwick University, Coventry on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May 2001. web designer

Delegates Keynote address. Overview of current initiatives on modernising access to justice. Delegates Developments in the provision of public sector ombudsman services in England, Scotland and Wales.. Delegates Police – future of Police Complaints Authority and new Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. Logo Design Delegates European Commission’s view on cross border commercial dispute resolution. The paper examines the critical distinctions between the three types of dispute resolution bodies. On 17 April 2000 Professor Mary Seneviratne, Sheffield Hallam University, delivered her Inaugural Professorial Lecture entitled Ombudsmen 2000 at Nottingham Law School.

The lecture examines the role of ombudsmen and discusses whether this role is appropriate for the twenty-first century. The text will be published in the Nottingham Law Journal at the end of the Summer. ohn Richards recently retired as Housing Association Ombudsman, Scotland and has been succeeded by Barney Crockett. Garry Watson has been succeeded by Linda Costelloe Baker and Derrick Marks by Ian F Smith. In April the Report of the Cabinet Office Review of Public Sector Ombudsmen in England was published..

The review was set up in response to proposals put forward by the Local Government Ombudsmen for England, the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Health Service Ombudsman. The review was undertaken by a Cabinet Office team, who consulted widely with interested parties including the Association, voluntary bodies and academics. The team also conducted a survey of MPs, with the assistance of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Public Administration.

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